Language and culture

Semester / Year

Immerse yourself in the local scene while improving your fluency in Arabic or The Moroccan Dialect - Darija.


 Semester / Year

Work with a community on global issues, such as sustainable development, children’s rights, or education.

global discovery 


Explore a different culture in so many amazing destinations across Morocco. Choose to focus on language learning or service and leadership.



What will you gain? International perspective, intercultural and language skills, independence, and maturity. In our full-immersion programs, you’ll enroll for a single trimester, a single semester, or a full academic year in one of the top destinations in the World. As a student or professional, you’ll get to experience everyday life in a local school, a host family, an association... In a truly authentic way.

Break Free with a Gap Year Abroad


A gap year abroad is a unique opportunity to discover Morocco and find the right path for your future — at your own pace. Whether you choose to focus your experience on language proficiency, community service... All CSM programs combine classroom academics, cultural activities, and independent travel in many extraordinary destinations around the country. Break free for one semester or a full year — to a single destination or any combination of two! Just think: You’ll return home with great memories, new skills, and a fresh perspective.



Teach Languages In Rabat.