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Simone From Denmark

Yves Saint Laurent once said: Il n'existe pas un noir mais des noirs. This will stand as the most important lesson, Marrakech has taught me during the last few days. In fact, the same applies to ochre, if you look closely, numerous nuances of the dusty colour are to be found. Marrakech is everything else but the snake charmers and noisy souks, more is hidden from the surface. With open eyes and your heart ajar, you are swirled into hospitality in more than sufficient amounts, badass women in burka on scooter - Who are not afraid to raise their voices - Woman cooperatives who teach young women the art of leather craft, programmes where disadvantages women obtain a certificate on cooking skills, history of Andalusian Music with the oud and taarija as well as berber Beauty. It is in the whirlwind of all this and even more, that the famous ochre prevails - and there is nothing else to do but to let you absorb it, let it weave aromatic threads of mint tea and let yourself be immerged in the charm. Not in spite of the dusty appearance but as a result of. Because of all the elements that together make up the black nuances with Monsieur Saint-Laurent and ochre ones in Marrakech, الى اللقاء.

Marrakech, The Red City.