CSM works with youth for an inclusive society, promoting voluntary work as a tool for non-formal education in order to achieve sustainable development in our society.


To achieve our missions, we work on:

- Implementing projects dealing with local population needs such as, global education, capacity building, youth activities, protection of environment, health…

- Encouraging young people to join the associative work , participating actively to its activities , improving their capacity building and ensure the sustainability of the associative movement.

- Foster the local and international youth meeting without distinction of race, social status, or any other disadvantages, so as to communicate and set up a global intercultural leaning and peace all around the world.

- Strengthen the associative governance and contribute to its empowerment so as to achieve its mission in a democratic way.

- Work for the recognition of the voluntary service and non-formal education…

About us


CSM is a non-profit NGO created in 1963. We are a full member of:


- UMAC , Moroccan union of work camps association.
- Associations space.
- UMAV, Maghreb union of volunteering action.
- ICYE, International Cultural youth exchange.
- Fondation Anna Lindh.

CSM is also a partner of the European Alliance of work camps associations.
Our aim is to work towards an inclusive society rich of volunteering culture and citizenship spirit, using voluntary work to promote peace and inclusion and eliminating prejudices, raising awareness of the importance of volunteering and the need to its recognition and strengthening the capacity of the population to contribute to society sustainable development.